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Acupuncture IUI Programme

As with the IVF Acupuncture Programme these acupuncture sessions are tailored to complement different stages of the IUI process. It is usually recommended that prior to the IUI schedule some building blocks have already been put into place, which may mean preparing with the Female or Male Foundation Treatments.

Session 1 - Promote Growth of Follicles

In this session, a personalised consultation is followed by a treatment. This treatment is done after the monitoring scan which can occur between days 8-10 (if part of your clinics protocol). This scan assesses follicle growth and endometrial thickness and the results of this scan will be taken into consideration during the acupuncture treatment. This treatment is designed to optimise the follicle growth and/or endometrial thickness as well as reduce anxiety.

Session 2 - After Ovulation

Well functioning tubes are necessary in natural conception and IUI, but not for IVF. After the injection to promote ovulation (or natural ovulation), this acupuncture session aims to be useful in facilitating the movement of the ovum in the tubes and preventing spasm of the fine muscles in the walls of the tubes.

Session 3 - Good uterine lining

Studies during IVF have shown that pre ovulatory endometrium thickness and ultrasound appearance is predictive of embryo implantation results. Anything less than 9-mm thickness, is associated with about a 5-fold reduction in live birth rate per embryo transfer. Women with poor development have a history (thus far) unexplained IVF failure or early recurrent miscarriage. The same can hold true for IUI procedures, even if an embryo transfer is not part of the procedure.

If the embryo is a strong one, and the stage and extent of development the endometrium is good, it is expected to produce a success implantation.

We recommend an acupuncture session to help influence blood flow to the uterine lining the hope of encouraging implantation.

Session 4 & 5 - The waiting period

In the weeks after the embryo transfer we recommend two weekly acupuncture treatments before you take a pregnancy test.

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