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Male and Female Foundation Acupuncture Programmes

Twelve Week Female Foundation Acupuncture Programme

This programme has been created for women who are either scheduled to undergo IVF, IUI or want to optimise their chances of natural conception.  It is used to prepare mind and body for an upcoming ART procedure, or to rebuild general health in between an unsuccessful procedure and the next cycle.
It includes 12 acupuncture sessions and a detailed initial consultation.

The Chinese medicine practitioner aims, during the first consultation, to determine the nature of the disharmony by taking a detailed medical history by looking at the tongue, taking the pulses, and reviewing your consultant’s notes, all of which is used to make a TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) diagnosis with which to treat you.

Treatment aims will be discussed during this time, together with the benefits and understanding the use of Chinese herbal medicine as an optional extra to this programme.

Patients who begin this process are encouraged to ask their partner (if applicable) to attend the initial consultation with them so they are supported both at home and by the practitioner during treatment.

If you are then due to embark on an IVF schedule we recommend using our Acupuncture IVF Programme during the procedure, and if successful our Pregnancy Acupuncture Programme may be appropriate depending on your individual needs.

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Twelve Week Male Foundation Acupuncture Programme

This straightforward programme is designed for men who have been diagnosed with a suboptimal sperm test and includes 12 acupuncture treatments and a detailed initial consultation.

It takes up to three months (72 days) for sperm to develop and mature, and treatment is for a least this long, if not double but 12 weeks is the minimum time period we recommend. Acupuncture and Chinese herbal treatment (optional extra to programme) for male infertility is relatively straight forward. However visits to the clinic need to be weekly or more often for acupuncture alone, however if this is not possible then Chinese herbs are often given as the preferred treatment for the long term.
We ask that patients either bring with them a sperm test done within a few weeks of the consultation, or have one done at the clinic just prior to commencing treatment.  We will use this to form part of the TCM diagnosis, and tailor our treatments according to whether it sperm count, motility or morphology are affected.

If you don't have 72 days to prepare before your next IVF/IUI schedule, then 2-3 Acupuncture sessions before you give a sample is a beneficial alternative. Our view is that the sperm still need to be in the best possible health (along with yourself) in order to improve your chances of success.
To read up to date research about acupuncture and male infertility click here.

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