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Male infertility

Jo credits her many successes with infertility to her particular focus on male as well as female fertility. Often the emphasis is on the woman's fertility, whilst her partner's contribution is largely neglected therefore an early diagnosis and treatment of a male problem is essential to couples trying to conceive. Its a little known fact that 50% of infertile couples infertility is due to male factors.

Jo George Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine Practitioner
Jo George
MBAc; MSc CHM; BSc (Hons)
Traditional Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine Practitioner

Fully insured Member of The British Acupuncture Council and Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine.

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Jo reviewed the best Chinese herbal treatments worldwide for male infertility during her MSc studies, the first of its kind in the english language.

Frequently asked questions:

What happens during a course of treatment?

Treatment with acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine requires an individualised approach; following an initial diagnosis with Jo George, the herbal formula and acupuncture treatments are modified at different stages of treatment. Therefore, not one, but several diagnostic and treatment procedures are needed, which differs from the conventional medical approach.

Support via our nutritionist is also available to assess your current nutritional supplement routine, and also to devise a new one where necessary. A thorough assessment and further nutritional tests may be advised.

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How long will the treatment take?

Because spermagenesis (the time is takes for sperm too mature in the testes) takes 72 days in a healthy male adult, treatment would be for a least this long, if not double. Progress can be monitored by Sperm analysis tests before, during and towards the end of treatment. Acupuncture and herbal treatment for male infertility is relatively straight forward, as choice of points and herbs are not governed by the hormone cycles as in females. However visits to the clinic need to be weekly or more often for acupuncture, or if not possible then Chinese herbs and nutritional supplements are often given as the preferred treatment for the long term.

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We are having ISCI is treatment necessary?

If time is limited and you don't have 72 days before your next IVF schedule to use Chinese herbal medicine, or a new nutritional regime, then acupuncture before you give a sample is a beneficial alternative. Our view is that the sperm still need to be in the best possible health (along with yourself) in order to improve your chances of success.

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What research has been done?

Jo recently conducted a piece of research for her MSc dissertation that identified and analysed randomised controlled trials and quasi-randomised trials of Chinese herbal medicine used in the treatment of men with idiopathic male infertility. She researched all UK and Chinese databases/research papers. The results will be published soon. Otherwise, please refer to our research area where we have detailed further acupuncture and nutritional research for this condition.

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