Healthy body and wellbeing
Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine Practitioner

Treatment Example

As an illustration let’s take the treatment of chronic headaches. Although there are remedies available over the counter for this, they will generally only be helpful to easing the symptoms but not necessarily getting to the root cause. Jo will evaluate all of the information that a patient gives and devise herbal treatment that will treat the underlying cause of the problem. Treatment will be individualised since each person is different in genetic makeup, medical history, diet, general health and sensitivity to medicines. Assessing a patient involves listening to their account of what troubles them, observing clues as to what has led them to become unwell and conducting a full physical examination. A herbal consultation generally provides significantly more time that is usual in routine appointments within the NHS. Such empathetic consultations should not be dismissed as a ‘placebo’ or a ‘good bedside manner’. Patients value direct involvement in their own healthcare through active participation and decision making by working with their herbal practitioner to explore treatment options. During the consultation time even the most minor of health concerns will be discovered and discussed and these will all be taken into consideration when devising a tailored treatment programme to bring that person back to the best health possible.

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