Healthy body and wellbeing
Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine Practitioner

Treating the whole person

Jo treats the person, and not just the symptoms and signs of disease; the focus is on treating the person rather than the condition. Herbal practice is based on this holistic approach, understanding that the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual elements of an individual are interconnected to maintain or regain vitality and health. For this reason, Jo involves the patient in the management of his/her illness and health maintenance; the patient is not a passive participant; We cooperate as partners to attain optimum health.

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Empowering You

We work together to scope your health issues within the context of your lifestyle, environment, diet and medical history in order to develop a successful treatment plan to restore harmony of body, mind and spirit. To this end, Jo carries out in-depth consultations, make diagnostic judgements and herbal prescriptions which are flexibly adjusted in the light of your changing condition for optimum effect. Alongside herbal treatment itself, Jo helps patients to develop sufficient self-awareness and know-how to change unhealthy patterns of diet and lifestyle to improve their health. This is remarkably empowering for the person seeking treatment.

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Health maintenance

Having ongoing maintenance treatment with Jo is an excellent idea whether it is to treat an existing problem or just to keep well. Seeing Jo on a regular basis provides a full health assessment with someone who has taken time and effort to understand your situation and health needs and can provide herbal treatment and advice to maintain optimum health.

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